#inthistogetherWV Tee Shirt

#inthistogetherWV Tee Shirt


#inthistogetherWV is a program that supports small, locally owned business that may be struggling during this trying time.  We all either have been affected directly or know someone that has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  These tee shirts are $20, once your order is made, that $20 will be split in half, with $10 going to us for materials to make the shirt, and $10 going to a locally owned business of your choosing, These businesses are NOT franchises and rely directly on consumers to keep their doors open and to continue serving the community.  Even if you are not from around our area, please consider purchasing one of these tee shirts to not only support us, but to support a small business in this trying time! Adult and youth sizes are available and shipping to your door is also availble, the shirts are Gildan branded with a softstyle fabric to make it comfortable to lounge in. Thank you!

Which Local Business Would You Like To Support?

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